Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Interesting verse

I've never seen a verse like this. This is a sampler from ebay:

Good people hear my doleful tale
In plaintive accents though tis penned
A once loved wife no bewail
And griev to think on her sad end
She was youthful virtuous bride
Her age it was but twenty two
By murderous hands alas she died
She left on earth an orphan to

In child bed anguish she was slain
By Doctor Ross’s unskillful hand
Who thinks not what amount of pain
A victim to his skill can stand
An inquest at the Queens Arms on furnacehill
Prov’d but too true she’d had foul play
And that twas he that did kill her
I never shall forget that day

A post mortem and inquest did advance
To shew what twas thast caus’d her death
Twas as vile presumptuous ignorance
That robbed her of her earthly breath

The jury heard with careful ear
The evidence before them brought
Twas such as scaree’er did appear
Before in any other court

A guilty verdict then was given
Which all the world I think should know
And as’tis register’d in Heaven
It also shall be here below

Twas gross neglect and want of skill
Coupled with the Jury animad version
Hoping alsa no more he’d kill
But go to college and learn his lesson
O’er life’s career he’s cast a gloom
Mark’d by poignant grief and sorrow
And sent from earth to early tomb
A victim to neglect and hurry

Can he withstand the orphans gaze
Robb’d of its dearest earthly treasure
Or compensate in years or days
The suffering grief that’s void of measure


Anonymous said...

That *is* interesting! I've never seen a verse like that either...

mainely stitching said...

Wow. It's absolutely unique.

Chelle said...

Wow, what a fascinating sampler! Thanks for sharing the link and verse. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

What a sad poem and memorial sampler. This is what is so wonderful about samplers. They catalogue the history of ordinary people's lives. I can't even begin to imagine what this unskilled Doctor Ross did to this poor young wife!
Warm wishes Angela

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