Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Girls Only

My friend and I had a great time over Memorial Day in Mexico with our daughters. It was fun to have a girls only trip despite the stove not working and the refrigerator not cooling. Thank goodness for cafes and the microwave and ice chest. The weather was perfect with a sea breeze at all times and we did a lot of shopping and eating and I did a lot of stitching, Julie painted, Maggie studied Japanese vocabulary and Nancy taught us to play bridge. I hope everyone else had a great Memorial Day weekend too.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cape May threadwinders

Cape May is a beautiful Victorian seaside town so I decided to make Victorian seaside thread winder boxes for my friends as you can see above. Here's a nice online magazine about Cape May...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Same time, next year...

After such a great time last year in Fredricksburg, we decided to meet again, this time in Cape May. Above is the house where we stayed and that's me in the photo below on the windswept beach wearing two sweatshirts. As you can see from the tulips, spring had sprung and the weather was beautiful except for two days of cold and wind so we were all buying sweatshirts like mad. I found the first sweatshirt didn't do the job so bought another.

Below are the finished projects... and here is a photo of our exchange gifts:
I also wanted to say we had a great time in Philly meeting up with a couple other stitchers, reuniting four of our neighborhood round robins, eating Philly cheesesteaks and overall having a great time.

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