Thursday, January 04, 2007

7:15 this morning

We've been in Mexico for the past few days. The above photo was taken at 7:15 and it's the moon about to set as the sun was about to rise. I haven't seen that before and it was beautiful to see the moon cast a glow on the ocean so early in the morning.
And here is DD posing along the shoreline a couple hours later. All the tourists were gone, New Year's was over and it was quiet and peaceful our entire trip. We celebrated my MIL's 78th b-day, enjoyed the sea life, the ocean waves, conversation and a little stitching and reading for me. I'll post later what I was stitching. Lorraine and I are stitching an ornament a month with a little twist. We are choosing a theme each month and have to find an ornament to match the theme. This month it's Charles Dickens.


Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

It looks so peaceful, and it must be now that the crowds have thinned out. Enjoy your rest!

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