Monday, March 01, 2010

Finishes from Stitchers

I am so ashamed of myself for holding onto these photos for over a year! Yes, there is something wrong with me but I don't know if it has a name. Please forgive me Kathy! Kathy wrote me an email last year and enclosed the photo above and below of my design "Deftly Wrought":
I completed the project and submitted to the 2008 Maryland State Fair in the sampler category. I took second place and have attached 2 pictures of my finished project. I did not use a mat when framing but still think it is great. It was a fun project and I am happy to display in my home.
Thank you for such a wonderful design. Kathy Wissmann

And below is the framed finish of "Peaceful Paradise" from Kyri Fuss in Adelaide, South Australia. It's interesting that I received the photo from her today as I just took my model off the wall to move it to another spot over the fireplace and I've been looking at it all day. Kyri wrote: (please forgive the flash spot in the middle, I couldn't get a good
photo without it - it's an overcast day)

I fussy-cut the thread for the orange flowers in the centre, so that
they all went from dark to light from centre out, which was an
exercise in obsessive-ness but the result was awesome :)

I can't stop looking at it, hanging on the wall opposite where I stitch.

Thank you so much for an absolutely beautiful design. I've had so many
compliments from stitchers and non-stitchers while working on it and
after :)

Thank you so much for sending the photos. One took me a year to put in the blog and the other I got up within the day so maybe I can work on a happy medium next time!

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