Thursday, May 10, 2007

Same time, next year...

After such a great time last year in Fredricksburg, we decided to meet again, this time in Cape May. Above is the house where we stayed and that's me in the photo below on the windswept beach wearing two sweatshirts. As you can see from the tulips, spring had sprung and the weather was beautiful except for two days of cold and wind so we were all buying sweatshirts like mad. I found the first sweatshirt didn't do the job so bought another.

Below are the finished projects... and here is a photo of our exchange gifts:
I also wanted to say we had a great time in Philly meeting up with a couple other stitchers, reuniting four of our neighborhood round robins, eating Philly cheesesteaks and overall having a great time.


mainely stitching said...

Oh, Philly cheesesteaks!

Your stitching is amazing, and the retreat sounds marvelous. What a wonderful annual excursion to look forward to!

I've tried to send you two emails in reply to the one you sent me but Comcast doesn't like me. :( I'm really glad the book arrived and I hope you find as much in it as I did.

Rachel V said...

Wow, what beautiful finishes! Gorgeous photos, too. I live in a suburb of Philly and wish I knew some local stitchers. Do some of you live here or do you just gather here annually? Cape May is a beautiful town. How nice for you!

I haven't said so yet, but congratulations on your feature in JCS!! That will be such nice exposure for you. I love the Peace design you created, too.


Giusy Jdeebella said...

Hallo Deb, here's Giusy from Italy, your finished projects are stunning! I love also the gifts.
Ciao, Giusy

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