Friday, August 04, 2006

New Releases

My first release is Blue House Sampler and uses Crescent Colours throughout on Flax linen.

This is called The Sampler Stitcher and is stitched on Sand linen with Gentle Arts Sampler threads.


Leah said...

Very pretty designs! I like the colours you used for them!!

cathymk said...

Beautiful! I love the sense of whimsey in your designs.

mainely stitching said...



Jeanne said...

Great designs Deborah. By the way I love your recent Memorial Sampler, I was planning on charting that verse myself someday so I was very happy to see yours. I read that verse when we dispersed or dear dog's ashes up at the Grand Canyon and up in the aspens on Mt Humphrey in Flagstaff. It has a lot of meaning to me - thank you.

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