Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chatelaine and other things

Gorgeous isn't it? My son seems to know me or I taught him well but he sent me the link to an article about chatelaines

My sister sent me THIS RECIPE for oatmeal raising cookies and I made 3 dozen today. She made 7 dozen with the same recipe because her cookies are smaller but man, they are delicious. The secret seems to be soaking the raisins for an hour beforehand with the eggs and vanilla.

Her tip:Read the reviews as I tweaked my version with two tsp cinnamon, one tsp each baking powder, soda and salt. Added a pinch of ginger and nutmeg for fun. Oh, I also only had walnuts so used those instead of pecans. Yummy!!! I didn't use nuts and they still are yummy.

And a friend wants me to take THIS ONLINE CLASS from Amy Mitten with her but since I am finishing challenged I won't, however I thought I'd spread the word as this is a gorgeous project.

Still waiting on my framing, 2 weeks now and counting. Though I should be counting from Oct 7th, the day I first took the pieces in :/


Sharon said...

Deborah, how did your framing ever turn out?

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