Sunday, October 14, 2007

Worlds Above

This is my latest release, "Worlds Above". The verse is from an old Quaker sampler and I used vintage Tundra 40 ct from Lakeside Linens to stitch it. We just returned from San Francisco where the weather was delightful and I was able to celebrate my birthday and my daughter was able to visit with one of her friends from Japan. The photo of my son was taken at Golden Gate Park.


mainely stitching said...

Oh! I LOVE your new release!! :D And the pictures of your kids are great!

Annemarie said...

What a wonderful new design, Deborah! And thanks for sharing the lovely pics of your children.

Deb said...

Love the new design, Deb. And the verse is wonderful. Your children make me wistful about mine when they were those ages. Enjoy them every single day!

Anonymous said...

Your new design really is lovely. I've begun stitching on 36 and 40 count and really love it.
Your youngsters look so happy in the photos. What a great age to be with everything ahead of them :>)
Warm wishes Angela

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