Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good news

The above painting is by Jerome Rozen and is something I came across while on my travels across the internet. I believe it's an oil painting and I loved the colors and mood of it.

Well, good news for me in that I've recovered my designs except for the last couple that I have not yet released and there is hope for those, even if I just have to chart them again. So yippee! Just waiting to find out if the family photos can be recovered and there is a good chance that they will. I do have backup but not for maybe the last year though many of those are on various photo sites around the 'net so not completely lost.

I'm busy designing again now that I've got another computer to do it on. I've just designed and am almost done stitching a pouch with a sampler look and also a piece I'm calling Sheep's Paradise which is sort of a Peaceable Kingdom with sheep. I'm also releasing this piece called Remember Me.


Tracy said...

I like "Remember Me", very quaint. How long does it take you to design?

Sherry said...

What a lovely design!

DebbieSFL said...

Deborah, I don't know if you use a backup or not, but I just bought one to save my family photos, patterns, etc. It is the Seagate FreeAgent Go and holds 320 GB. Not very expensive and is 3x5x1/2 inches. When i visit family i can just take it with me. I have it set to backup automatically and can also do a manual. Love it and know that my stitching "freebies" and purchased pdf patterns are safe :).
thanks, Deborah

KsMaryLou said...

So glad to hear you've recovered your designs. Sure hope you can recover the family photos too. I have so many irreplacable photos on my computer that I really need a backup plan in case the OG does something really dumb again, like he did yesterday, and I lose everything.

The new design is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

that's great news! glad to hear you've gotten all your designs.

save them out to CD! :)

joann TX

jeanine said...

I purchased Remember Me and I am missing two pages of the pattern (pages 5 & 6).

Deborah said...

Jeanine, send me your address and I will send those to you, I'm so sorry!

disa said...
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