Saturday, July 05, 2008

Maggie's Yokohama Adventure

My 17-year old daughter Maggie just returned from a homestay/high school exchange to Yokohama, Japan. Last year she was in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and she compares Tokyo to New York City and Yokohama to San Francisco. Here she is with her class on her last day there:

And a close up:

A shot of the empty classroom. High school students stay in the same classroom and the teachers will rotate to them vs. the opposite with the American system.

Her good-bye message to her class, don't ask me what it says, I can only read 3 of the words!

With her little "brothers" from her host family:

In Yokohama's Chinatown, which is the largest Chinatown in Japan:

more with classmates:

She was able to buy a summer kimono and attend a festival. Here she is trying to catch goldfish which I guess was not easy to do:

Photo of how her obi is tied so we can hopefully replicate it at home:

Some things are universal:

One of the things she loves about Japan is how they love "cute". She said these pigs are fish paste and very tasty:

Another example of "cute" with an everyday object:

The Yokohama Costco, just as overwhelming in any country:

One difference is there is kanji on the cakes:


KsMaryLou said...

What exciting adventures and wonderful memories Maggie has from her trips. I loved seeing the pictures and hope you will share more.

monique said...

What a wonderful adventure!! And I love the Japanese "cute"... wish America was cuter :)

Sharon said...

What great pictures!Looks like she had a wonderful experience.

Barbara said...

What a remarkable adventure! You must be so happy to have her home again. :D

Kyriaki said...

It looks like she had a wonderful time.

Enjoy the stories and having her back home :)

Barb said...

What a year for her, she'll have those memories the rest of her life. Nice pictures.

Yuko said...

Oh wow, your lovely daughter Maggie was in Japan, and YOKOHAMA???
It's very close from here, actually I was living in Yokohama a year ago!!! And it was very near to Yokohama Costco!!!
What a coinsidence!

Anyway, looks Maggie had great time with Japanese high school stutdents! I'm so happy to look at these lovely photos!
I understood everything she wrote on the blackborard!!
Is it true that she wrote them all by herself??
Amazing!!! Well done Maggie!

Yes, in Japan most of thigs are lovely or cute, lol
I don't know why but most of things have faces, lol!

The photo she is in the summer kimono (=we call it Yukata) is so sweet! I wanted to see more of her journey photos!!

Hope good memories in her heart, forever!

Yuko from Japan (near Yokohama :D)

Michele said...

what a grand experience your daughter had! thanks for sharing the pictures :)

Michele said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love the school girls! You could see those faces anywhere! Even on my homeschooled girls. ;)


Meari said...

What a great experience!

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